How to Wear A Brown Leather Jacket?

Black leather jackets are always in trend because they are very easy to style with. While black ones keep getting common you may want to try something unique. Brown leather jackets must be the first thought in that case considering how well they look. These jackets bring a lot of styling options, but you need to be slightly careful when pairing them with different colors.

Brown leather jackets can be worn with casual and formal dresses to bring up the look you want. If you are interested in styling brown leather jackets this guide will cover everything you need to know.

How to Wear a Brown Leather Jacket

Understanding different types of brown leather jackets

Brown leather jackets qualify as classic formal clothing which has always been fashionable and attractive. Just like black leather jackets, these are easy to carry in various styles. Their styling gives you a lot of distinctive features. Brown leather jackets are available in many styles and with various shades of brown, allowing you to select one based on the color that will complement your skin tone and matching style. In terms of structure, the most common options include:

  • Flight jackets
  • Bomber jackets
  • Biker jackets
  • Racer jackets

You do not need to struggle too much when it comes to styling with this variety of structures as pairing up the right shirt and pants can easily keep you looking simple yet attractive at the same time.

guide to style perfectly with brown jackets

Your complete guide to style perfectly with brown jackets.

Brown leather jackets are slightly different from other jackets when it comes to wearing them with other clothes. So, we have divided your outfit into 4 main sections and discussed everything you need to know when wearing your brown leather jacket.

1. Start with picking the right type of top.

Let’s start with the top you wear under your brown leather jacket. You need to pay attention to its color and appearance and ensure to go with tones that match with brown. Additionally, going with patterns is not recommended since such tops may not pair up well with brown.

When picking the right top your most common options will be white and grey colors in t-shirts. For when you want to create a classy or formal look you may pick a shirt with a collar like cotton shirts or polo shirts. However, you must ensure that the shirt matches with earthly tones or brown.

2. Try to stay within the classic color range when picking your bottom

Next, you need to pick your bottom. The most common option you will find with the brown leather jacket will be blue denim jeans. You can wear any color of blue, and it will perfectly complement your brown leather jacket. Apart from blue bottoms, you can go with black jeans as well. These are good for a casual look. On a casual day, you may wear a jacket with blue denim shorts as well.

For styling in a semi-formal look, you may stick to cotton pants or chinos. The color-picking rule here is the same as getting a color that matches with earthly tones of brown.

3. Your shoes must be picked carefully to complement your look

Shoes play a very important part in a man’s presence so pair your outfit with the right type of shoes. If you are dressing formally then you don’t have any options other than formal shoes. You may pick from different tones depending on how you are picking different colors. However, in terms of casual wearing, you have a lot of options including sneakers, casual shoes, tall boots, hiking shoes, etc. Remember to pick a shade of brown that matches your jacket.

4. Brown leather jackets go very well with the right accessories.

Your outfit with the brown leather jacket is complete now but you can further enhance things. Adding accessories can help. For example, you may pick a leather bag in a brown shade to carry your daily essentials like laptops or documents. This bag will add a lot to your style and appearance. Adding a wristwatch to your outfit will add some class and if you are dressing formally add cufflinks that match your watch. Some other brown leather accessories to improve your looks include:

  • Belts
  • Wallets
  • Watch straps
  • Phone case, etc.

Is it possible to design formally when wearing a brown leather jacket?

A brown leather jacket can be dressed up for a formal look with proper pairing. Pick a brown leather jacket and choose the rest of your outfit like this:

  • Pair your jacket with plain pants for an even look.
  • A white button-down shirt under the jacket completes the formal appearance.
  • Pick dress shoes and stay away from casual ones.
  • Enhance your formal look with a tie and a classic wristwatch.

This way you can style your brown leather jacket in a formal/semi-formal tone. Hence, it will help you keep up your style and manage the dress code at the same time.

What colors are to avoid when wearing a brown leather jacket

What colors are to avoid when wearing a brown leather jacket?

A brown leather jacket is universal, but it may be advisable to refrain from certain colors so that your outfit remains stylish. Bright and neon color combinations clash with earthy colors of brown. So you have to avoid them.

In the same way, striking patterns might not complement your jacket’s classic appeal as much. It is also good not to wear brown on brown unless the shades match each other. Instead, opt for traditional colors in the form of blue or grey (or soft earth tones). Their combination with the jacket makes it a more attractive outfit.


you might have lots of jackets in your closet, but there is no other option like a brown leather jacket. It is due to the eternal charm of these jackets that makes them different from others. These jackets work just fine for casual as well as formal but you have to be very careful choosing the outfits with these jackets. It is the best thing about these jackets that you can wear them wherever and whenever without violating the dress code, just choose a proper outfit under your jacket to complement this garment well.