Tips for Buying Shoes When Your Feet Differ in Size

It could be rather difficult to pick and match a good pair of shoes, especially when you have feet of different sizes. This close yet neglected concern can largely become the source of pain and dissatisfaction which can be sometimes hard to handle effectively. Fortunately, the right strategy and some real-life advice can save this situation and send you out happily, ensuring comfort every step of the way.

Tips for Buying Shoes When Your Feet Differ in Size

Top 10 Tips for Buying Shoes When Your Feet Differ in Size

Here are the best tips for people whose feet are different in size.

1. Measure both feet to get a perfect fit

Since both your feet are different in size it is very important to measure both feet. People usually measure one foot to check the size of their shoes. However, you must measure both feet as it will help in picking the perfect size.

Moreover, this method will help you shortlist the available options since not all may be comfortable for you.

2. Shopping in the afternoon will help you choose the best option

It might seem a weird tip, but it has significant importance for types of shoppers. When you are done with the day, your feet are exhausted and usually, they swell. Shopping for shoes in such a situation will be beneficial as you will only select the most comfortable option. It also means that you may get some wiggle room in these shoes while ensuring the perfect fit.

3. When facing this condition, you must prioritize comfort over everything

Everyone wants their shoes to look classy and aesthetic. However, not everyone has feet different in size. So, if you are facing this condition your priority when selecting shoes must be finding something comfortable.

When you find comfortable shoes, you may look for different designs or colors in that specific product to meet your styling requirements. It ensures the long-term comfort and usability of the shoe.

Buy for the larger foot as you can adjust things for the smaller foot

4. Buy for the larger foot as you can adjust things for the smaller foot

Since your feet are different in size, one will always be bigger than the other. When you buy a pair of shoes, you can always make changes and adjustments for the smaller foot, but you cannot do much about the bigger one. So, it is a wise decision to buy shoes according to the larger foot.

In this way, you may plan to adjust things according to your small foot and make the pair comfortable for your feet.

5. Use insoles and inserts to compensate for the difference

If you pick shoes according to the large foot, you must go for all possible adjustments for the other shoe. If you face significant fitting issues on the small foot you must get some insoles and other inserts for the toe or heel areas. This way, your shoe will fit perfectly on your smaller foot.

Using the right inserts will ensure that you feel no difference on either foot when wearing the shoes.

6. Explore the split-size options near you

Luckily, some brands care for people with different foot sizes. You just need to look for the options and go to the right one. These brands allow people to buy each shoe in a different size.

It will allow you to buy the same design but in different shoe sizes for either foot. As a result, both your feet will have shoes perfectly made for them with exact size and the best comfort.

7. Avoid pointed toes since they can be restrictive

Pointed toes usually come in formal and semi-formal shoes and they look great. However, that comes at the cost of comfort for many people. Since your shoes are already not in the same size, you must prefer going with shoes having a round or square design.

It will be more spacious in the front and your toes will have more space to adjust. Despite the difference in shoe size, this shoe structure may keep you comfortable.

8. Break your shoes in for more comfort

This tip is generally good for everyone looking to get a pair of shoes. However, it will be more beneficial for people with different-sized feet. It is because when you let your shoes break in with consistent usage for a few days, they become more comfortable for your feet. The leather shoes have this property where they mold according to your foot size and shape. If you are looking for such shoes, BRUCEGAO shoes are your best choice.

9. Consult a podiatrist for professional advice

Some people do not feel comfortable in any type of shoes due to comfort problems. For them, it is better to consult a podiatrist. He will examine your feet from the medical aspect and recommend some custom solutions to solve the problem

Go for custom-made shoes for the best aesthetics and comfort

10. Go for custom-made shoes for the best aesthetics and comfort

If you want the best comfort and the best style, then your last pick will be getting custom-made shoes. It comes with benefits like exotic materials, personalization in design and functionality, and most importantly, you get the comfort that you need. So, try getting some custom shoes made by professional artisans and you will love how well they feel. If you are looking for customized comfortable shoes, BRUCEGAO leather shoes are your best choice, we can customize different styles and materials of shoes according to the different needs of customers.

Final Words

If you got feet of different sizes it doesn’t have to be a problem anymore. With these tips, you will be able to round up shoes that go over both your feet very well, thus, looking and feeling great. The important thing is to remember the comfort here, the use of available adjustments makes it a perfect fit. Happy shoe shopping!

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