How Many Leather Jackets Should a Man Own?

A leather jacket is an all-time male wardrobe essential that can never go out of fashion and is a fashion piece that is versatile and classy. Depending on how you want to style yourself; whether to have that casual look or even when dressing up for that formal event, you will find yourself having all or some of these jackets in your wardrobe.

Top 9 Leather Jackets That Every Man Should Own

Let’s get into the details about the top 9 leather jackets that every man should own and the reasons behind that.

Leather Biker Jacket-Top 9 leather jackets that every man should own

1. Leather Biker Jacket

The first one on our list is the classic biker jacket which is also one of the most popular ones among other leather jackets. The name of this jacket literally describes it since it gives you the appearance of the traditional old-school biker from the wide lapels and metallic studs.

It has quite a unique design with the zippers placed at different heights on the right and left sides of the jacket and thick and strong leather used for the construction of this jacket. Despite being made to be worn by bikers, it is also a perfect choice for you when going to any event or concert in casual wear.

Leather Bomber Jacket-Top 9 leather jackets that every man should own

2. Leather Bomber Jacket

Next up on the list is a bomber jacket which has its history linked to the army but nowadays it has become more of a fashion accessory. It features a casual fit with a puffy appearance, along with ribbed cuffs and hem. This jacket is usually made from softer leather materials to give you a relaxed and comfy feel.

On top of that, it has more of a sporty and polished look, especially when it is crafted from exotic leather. A bomber jacket can be worn on casual events as well as on semi-formal occasions when you pair it with chinos and matching boots.

Leather Blazer Jacket-Top 9 leather jackets that every man should own

3. Leather Blazer Jacket

As we move towards the semi-formal to the formal side of the options, the leather blazer jacket is an amazing pick for many men. For those who want to create a premium and aesthetic look among others, exotic leather blazer jackets are perfect.

It is because of the tailored fit that comes with a buttoned front and fashionable classic lapels. Leather blazer jackets are perfect for business meetings, office settings, and formal trips.

Leather Racer Jacket-Top 9 leather jackets that every man should own

4. Leather Racer Jacket

This jacket is also called the cafe racer jacket because of its link with that type of motorcycle. It is usually made in a minimalist design where you get a band collar and a straight zipper on the front. This jacket is made in a slim-fitting structure which makes it modern and sleek and looks perfect for those long motorcycle rides.

Leather Flight Jacket-Top 9 leather jackets that every man should own

5. Leather Flight Jacket

The flight jacket features a fur collar, large front pockets, and a strong sturdiness. Made to be warm and strong, this is best worn in winter. This jacket gives quite a character to the outfit, taking it to an adventurous level of style, making it perfect for people who fancy vintage wear as well as the correspondent warmth.

Shearling Jacket-Top 9 leather jackets that every man should own

6. Shearling Jacket

The shearling jacket with interior lining made of sheepskin is particularly warm and comfortable. Being trimmed with a fluffy collar and having a soft lining to its inside it is suitable to wear for the lowest temperatures.

This jacket is good-looking and very versatile; it can be worn on casual occasions and formally too due to its unique and chic look. It practically looks like a winter clothing item because of its compact nature.

Leather Double Rider Jacket-Top 9 leather jackets that every man should own

7. Leather Double Rider Jacket

The asymmetrical zipper of the double rider jacket, the width of the lapels, and several zippers can be the reason why it is called the double rider jacket. Like the biker jacket, it provides extra stitching for men to look stylish.

This jacket serves quite well for those who are looking forward to portraying confidence and aggressiveness. It is quite durable and protective for the people who ride a motorcycle.

Leather Field Jacket-Top 9 leather jackets that every man should own

8. Leather Field Jacket

This is a functional jacket developed based on the concept of military equipment and is considered a rather useful and durable piece of clothing. It is designed to be durable, and the appearance is made from leather that is quite resistant to weather conditions.

Used in trekking and other related activities such as camping, this jacket offers coverage of the weather and gives an attractive look. Due to this, it can be regarded as adventurous, practically worn cloth.

Distressed Leather Jacket-Top 9 leather jackets that every man should own

9. Distressed Leather Jacket

This leather jacket is distressed in terms of its looks with the color and the texture of the leather made to appear worn in and faded. It looks as if it had been used for years with signs of what one might consider rudeness such as rough marks on the surface.

The coarse look gives it some character and history, so it is good for those who like a well-worn distinctive old-school look. This piece of clothing makes it even better with time which adds to its aesthetic appeal by giving it a vintage look the other jackets do not possess.


Leather jackets are a versatile piece of clothing to have in one’s wardrobe since there is always an occasion, season, or style that one would want to dress up in that type of cloth. Every jacket comes with features, history, and fashion, which means that you will always have the best outfit in your outer garments.

Starting from the rebellious biker jacket to the chic leather blazer, these jackets are timeless and can be worn anywhere.

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