How to Care for Patina Shoes?

Genuine leather products give an exclusive look due to their unique materials. The type of leather makes these products more unique due to their texture and looks. However, all the beauty in leather products does not come from the material since craftsmanship has a huge role in it as well. So, to keep the exclusive beauty of your leather products, it is essential to take good care of them.

Patina shoes are a leather product that looks extremely beautiful due to their craftsmanship. So, if you take good care of these shoes, they may last for decades. This guide will discuss how to take care of these shoes, from basic care to advanced maintenance.

How to Care for Patina Shoes-Patina Shoes

What are Patina shoes, and what’s so special about them?

Patina shoes are leather shoes made with top-quality leather and the best craftsmanship. These are famous due to their rich and unique hues that add an aesthetic depth to the shoe. The name patina comes from the process of patination used for treating leather that gives these shoes their unique appearance.

While the new shoes look shiny and reflective, they look even better as they age since aging helps develop a much more beautiful patina. So, if you want your shoes to last long while maintaining their premium looks, taking good care of them is essential.

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How to care for patina shoes? Basic care and maintenance

The care of patina shoes starts with basic care and maintenance. These practices can keep your patina shoes healthy and look brand new for a long time. If you take good basic care of your patina shoes, the need for getting advanced care frequently will reduce. Here is everything you need to do for basic care and maintenance of your patina shoes.

1. Regular cleaning

The first step towards caring for your patina shoes is regularly cleaning them. When you regularly clean your patina shoes, you protect their appearance since the shoe stays clean and shiny. Similarly, the leather is protected from harsh environmental elements, keeping the patina shoes good for a long time.

So, start by removing the loose dirt and dust on your patina shoes with the help of a soft brush. Try to keep the strokes as gentle as possible since you don’t want to damage the shine of your patina shoes by scratching them.

Next, you can get a leather cleaner made for patina shoes. Using that in a small amount with a clean cloth will be good. Gently apply in a circular motion and wipe away after letting it sit for a few minutes. Finally, let the patina shoes dry naturally before storing or using them.

Remember that regular cleaning does not mean cleaning daily. You only need to clean your patina shoes with chemicals or products when they need cleaning. Cleaning too often that it is not necessary can damage your patina shoes.

2. Conditioning

The next step to basic care of your patina shoes is conditioning them. Once your patina shoes are clean, you can apply a suitable leather conditioner in a small amount. Applying conditioner on dry patina shoes is recommended, but you must follow the instructions on your specific product. Apply it with the same gentle circular motion with a clean cloth to keep the leather from drying and cracking.

Once the conditioner is completely applied, let it sit for some minutes before wiping the shoe clean.

3. Polishing

Polishing your patina shoes can bring the natural shine back, adding a protective layer against environmental factors. You can start with regular cleaning and apply polish with a shoe brush or cloth after cleaning. Polish also needs to be applied in small amounts in a circular motion. Once the polish is applied, you can let it dry for at least 10 minutes and wipe it off.

You may also buff the polish with a soft horsehair brush to add shine to the shoe before wiping it off. Repeating this process once will add more shine. Remember that using too-much polish can be problematic for the leather as it will create thick layers. Polishing too often is also not good. Giving 2-to-4-week breaks will be good for the patina shoes.

4. Storing your shoes

When your patina shoes are not in use, you must store them correctly. Storing your patina shoes correctly is a huge part of taking good care of your patina shoes since most damage is done when the patina shoe is not perfectly stored. Some practices for storing your patina shoes include:

  • Cleaning dust off the patina shoes before you store them
  • Letting the patina shoes dry naturally before storing
  • Storing your patina shoes in a cool and dry place with no direct sunlight
  • Using the original shoe box or breathable bags for these patina shoes
  • Never stacking shoes on top of one another
  • Regularly checking the patina shoes to see if the leather needs conditioning or anything else.
  • Using shoe trees to prevent the shape of your patina shoe from deforming

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How to care for patina shoes? Advanced care and maintenance

Basic routine care of patina shoes is essential, but if you want to take things one step further, you must follow advanced care practices. These techniques and practices resolve any bigger problems with your patina shoes to keep them good for a long.

1. Minimizing the wear and tear

Minimizing the wear and tear on your patina shoes can help a lot. Some wearing habits cause a lot of wear and tear on patina shoes, and mending those can make your patina shoes last long. The first one is careful wearing practices. There are certain walking and still positions that create creases in the leather. Due to these, the shoe starts losing its charm and looks old. So, refrain from keeping the patina shoes in those positions.

Secondly, you must rotate patina shoes with other shoes. It gives the leather some time to rest while you use other shoes. This way, all your shoes will last longer, and you will care better for the patina shoes.

2. Dealing with tough stains

Dealing with tough stains on leather shoes is not easy, and it gets even more difficult when you have patina shoes. It is because you can’t leave the stain on the shoe, and removing it with the wrong practice can damage the appearance of your shoe. So, the right way of dealing with such stains is to choose the right cleaner by determining the type of stain on the shoe.

Before using any product on the shoe, you must apply it on the back or some other side to test its reaction. Gently clean by blotting the stain and refrain from rubbing the stain outside. Instead, you will clean it with an inward motion to stop the stain from spreading further.

Repeating the deep-cleaning procedure will be helpful if required but using too much cleaner on the shoe will damage it. After cleaning, let the shoes dry, condition them, and finish by polishing them for a fresh look.

3. Treating scuffs and scratches on patina shoes

Remember that scuffs and scratches on leather products are irreversible damage. However, taking the right treatment measures can minimize their damage and keep your patina shoes looking new. The right way to treat these problems with the shoe is by regular cleaning and smoothing the scratches using your fingers. Don’t be harsh with the leather, as it may increase the damage.

You can apply some leather conditioner to make the leather soft and finish it with matching shoe polish or cream. You can buff the polish to further reduce the impact of scratches or scuffs. Remember that after such damage, you need to be careful about applying conditioner and polish on your shoe whenever needed for better protection.

4. Getting professional care

Sometimes you cannot care for your patina shoes due to any reasons. If you face such a situation but want to keep your patina shoes in the best shape, you must go for professional shoe care. Choosing the right protection that works with patina shoes will keep your shoes fresh and attractive. They have the supplies, tools, experience, and knowledge to work on these patina shoes, which makes them immaculate.

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Care and maintenance tips for patina shoes

Here are some of our expert tips that can help you maintain your patina shoes:

  • Never let dust and dirt accumulate on your patina shoes by cleaning them occasionally with gentle hands and a soft brush/cloth.
  • Polish your patina shoes carefully, and never apply too much polish since it can damage your patina
  • Be careful when packing patina shoes for traveling. Using tees and stuffing material will be helpful.
  • Never delay cleaning your patina shoes if you get a touch of stain on them
  • Regularly check the leather to see if it needs conditioning or polishing.

By following these tips, you can give your patina shoes the best care and maintenance.


Every leather product calls for care and maintenance; however, when discussing patina shoes, you must be extra careful. It is because these shoes are created by experienced craftsmanship. The patination process takes hours of working and lots of products. So, patina shoes are a piece of art, and you must make these exclusive shoes last long.

The only way of doing that is by taking good care of your patina shoes. Following the practices and methods discussed above, you can easily care for your patina shoes and make them last for decades.

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