Handmade Leather Shoes for Men

Handmade leather shoes for men, all these men’s handmade leather shoes are handcrafted by skilled and professional craftsmen.

   Shoes are important parts of a closet particularly the leather ones. A right and classy pair can make you look perfect while a wrong decision can break your whole look regardless of how awesome the outfit so settle on the one that suits your comfort and personality.

   Handmade leather shoes for men have been around for more than 100 years. Even to this day, oxford pair is the staple piece in the wardrobe of every man. Leather shoes were normally worn by the high society men as the symbol of status and wealth. Later on, the formal shoe turned into each man’s go-to shoe for most office and business related events. Handmade leather shoes for men are viewed as the great piece that ties the outfit together.

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Top Men’s Formal Shoes

   Handmade leather shoes for men are famous throughout the world, with practical changes and different styles over the period. Leather shoes have a history and an extraordinary look that makes them the ideal accessory for your formal wear. The material feel of the shoe surface assumes a significant part in choosing the genuine leather by the purchaser. A good pair of leather shoes will normally have a refinished and revamped surface. It would not have an artificial finish or plastic feel that is common in fake leather.

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Things to Consider Handmade Leather Shoes for Men

Here is a list of things to consider while buying handmade leather shoes for men

The insole

   One ought to look at the details of the inner shoes lining which is another vital symbol of value. Real leather shoes will have an extra padded insole that functions as a pad between the feet and the shoes for a good grip and comfort.


   Real leather costs more. It requests a generally higher cost for style, fine detailing and durability it delivers to the footwear.

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Finishing and stitching

   Style assumes an important part while picking a couple of shoes. An exquisite outline is a thing that adds to the instant appeal alongside the colors. The stitching ought to be flawless and smooth, accordingly displaying proper attention to detail.


   A fine expert of shoes will dependably center on comfort alongside the styling. There is nothing more awful than a shoe that nibbles.

Rich leather fragrance

   An essential point in identifying a genuine leather shoe is its scent. A shoe made of real leather will carry a rich natural odor. Genuine leather will never smell of synthetic compounds or plastic.

Handcrafted Genuine Alligator Leather Mens Classic Wholecut Oxford Shoes-Side

The sole

   The sole is a vital part of shoes. The better the sole and the covering the more solace and hold it offers. The shoes ought to dependably be light in weight. An additional layer of the underside between the shoe body and the feet will provides freedom to the wearer for extended periods of time.

   Leather shoes are a must accessory for the all the men for a stylish and classic look whether you are going for a meeting or for a dinner. Choose them wisely.

Why Do We Need Handmade Leather Shoes

   There are a few purposes for selecting handmade leather shoes. Some will discuss their style while others will go for their quality. Reality is that leather handmade shoes for men have always had a fan following which is increasing with the time. There are different brands all around the world producing classy and excellent handmade leather shoes for men.

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Reasons for Choosing Handmade Leather Shoes

   Handmade shoes are of different sorts and styles and are produced using a wide range of materials. In any case, the leather ones are of best quality. Here is a portion of the reasons:

  • Great Quality

   A mass manufactured shoe might be produced using faux leather. This leather will break and split after some time, thus, your shoe will end up useless though handmade shoes created from superb leather are very safe.

Classic Modern Round Captoe Alligator Leather Shoes

  • Best Finish

   Handmade leather shoes are created by the expert craftsmen from the best quality full grain Italian leather. Thus, these shoes have an incredible finish with lines and soles which can seldom be normal from the mass produced leather shoes.

  • Customization Facility

   The greatest advantage of handmade leather shoes is the customization facility which is missing in leather shoes produced by the factories. The previous ones are made by joining every one of the points of interest that you give and the makers make sure that it is completely customized for you.

Genuine Alligator Leather Lace-up Shoes

  • Saves Money

   Purchasing leather style handmade shoes will help you in saving money over the long haul since it will endure forever. When you get it, you can utilize it as long as you need. They are very durable.

  • Natural and Timeless

   Good quality shoes are works of art and you can never turn out badly with them. They are produced using natural material and are perfect. The uniqueness feature is available only with the handmade leather shoes.

  • Comfortable

   Nothing can beat the solace of the handmade shoes. They are flawless in size and cozy fit for you. These shoes are available in best sixes and making it the best decision.

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  • Durable

   Handmade shoes are more durable than machine-made shoes. The craftsmen invest a ton of energy in each shoe focusing to keep up the nature of the shoe which makes it more durable. Another reason is that handmade shoes are frequently produced using the good quality raw material.

  • More Breathable

   Shoes made by hand give all the more breathing chance to your feet because of which your skin does not get damaged after wearing for a long time. Manufacturing Factory made shoes have the substandard fit and in some cases even cause damage to the skin.

Handcrafted Men's Classic Alligator Leather Dress Shoes Goodyear Welt-Brown-1

  • Medicinal Conditions

   If you are experiencing a unique restorative condition with respect to your feet or skin, a handmade shoe is the main choice for you. They are made by your direction with great quality material to enable you to mend.

  • Impressive

   Custom leather shoe sophistication will help you in leaving a good impression of you on different people.

   Select from the amazing line of handmade leather shoes considering these tips for men for an amazing experience.

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