Expensive Christmas Gifts for Dad That Will Make Him Feel Special in 2023

Dads do a lot for us, and there seems no way to pay them back apart from the holiday season. So, if you want to show your gratitude and love for your father, surprising them with a luxury gift will be a great idea. When buying a luxury gift, you not only need to look for the brand and price, but quality, outlook, and craftsmanship are the more important qualities.

So, if you are also confused about which Christmas gift will be the best pick for your father, you can take inspiration from our top picks. Read on for the expensive Christmas gifts for dad ideas.

Casual Alligator Shoes, Luxury Alligator Shoes for Men

1. Luxury Alligator Slip-On Loafers ($690)

These luxury slip-on alligator leather loafers are made for elegant styling while keeping the wearer comfortable. These come in 4 classy color choices, including:

  • Brown
  • Black
  • Burgandy
  • Blue

What makes these loafers a perfect gift for your dad is their design since the design of these loafers is minimalist while every pair has a unique pattern coming from the original Alligator leather.

In terms of comfort and wearing experience, these are a step ahead as compared to other shoes, thanks to the inner cowhide lining. The outsole of these loafers is made with water-resistant rubber and Italian cowhide combined. Hence, the loafers come with perfect durability and walking comfort on all surfaces.

Your dad will surely get a premium experience from these exotic loafers since they are 100% handstitched and speak for premium craftsmanship. With its refined finish, this pair of loafers can be his perfect companion for formal and casual events or business trips.

Classic Alligator Bifold Wallets Hand-painted Wallets for Men

2. Classic Alligator Bifold Wallets Hand-painted Wallets ($420)

This classic bifold alligator leather wallet might be the next wallet for your dad since it meets the requirements for all men. The wallet not only speaks for its premium craftsmanship but also makes an exceptional statement for the artisanship. Each wallet is unique due to the alligator leather being hand-painted. The hand-painted design with darker edges and a lighter middle section gives it a gradient look.

Secondly, every wallet is made from authentic alligator leather, which makes it a top-quality gift. On the inside, you get different sections for keeping multiple cards and cash, and the interior is as premium as the interior because of authentic Italian cowhide leather.

This wallet is available in 4 color options:

  • Blue
  • Brown
  • Green
  • Burgandy

Each color is exclusive, and the wallet becomes classier with time since it develops an elegant patina as it ages. So, it will be an accessory gift that always stays with your father and adds both sentimental and practical value to their life.

Luxury Crocodile Belt With Agate Buckle-1

3. Luxury Crocodile Belt with Agate Buckle ($360)

If your father suits up very often, then you must get the luxury crocodile belt for them. The beauty of this belt lies in the genuine crocodile leather and the agate buckle that adds an exclusive accent to this accessory. It is a perfect choice for men with waist sizes ranging from 32 to 46, and the brown color leather matches very well with formal dresses of most shades.

The special thing here is agate stone that is cut and polished by hand by expert artisans. This premium stone, combined with a gold-tone alloy buckle, makes it sparkling and attractive. The latching mechanism of this belt does not require punching a hole for perfect fit since the belt can be adjusted at any waist size.

Since it is made with authentic leather from crocodiles, every belt comes with a unique pattern, and it is packed in a luxury gift box.

Vintage Alligator Jackets Mink Fur Lined Jackets-Black

4. Alligator Jackets Mink Fur Lined Jackets ($12,000)

Get your father’s holiday ready with this alligator leather jacket lined with mink fur, which will keep him warm and in style. This jacket is designed to give a vintage and premium look. The straight-cut stitching gives a perfect fitting, and the full-sleeve design ensures complete coverage.

The jacket comes with a dual-zipper design so that it can be adjusted on top and bottom according to the comfort requirement. Moreover, it has exterior and interior pockets on both sides to conveniently store stuff.

The outlook of this jacket speaks for its premium craftsmanship that adds attention to every small detail in this jacket. For example, the pockets are made from the same material and patterns, so they blend with the jacket and become invisible to enhance the look of your jacket. It comes in a classic black color, but if you want something unique, you can get the blue color as well.

Alligator Business Bag, Alligator Leather Briefcase-2

5. Luxury Alligator Leather Briefcases ($1,850)

It could be the best value gift for your dad since it is on sale and offers a discounted price currently (Only $1,850). This alligator leather business bag brings professionalism and class to one product. With its intuitive design and multiple pockets, your father can conveniently carry all the files, documents, laptop, tablet, and other gadgets required in his daily life.

Authentic alligator leather combined with durable YKK zippers gives this bag the reliability you need. Additionally, it is extremely convenient to carry thanks to the handles and detachable shoulder strap. To maintain the premium feel, this bag comes with an adjustable shoulder strap made from the same premium alligator leather.

This bag is available in 4 premium colors:

  • Black
  • White
  • Brown
  • Blue

Moreover, it comes with a full-grain cowhide interior lining to keep your belongings safe from scratches.


Picking a gift for your dad can be exciting and confusing at the same time. We hope that our picks have helped you decide which one you will be getting for your father this year. If you want your gift to add some special value to your dad’s life, ensure to get the one that adds practical value and holds sentimental value for him. To pick such a gift, you can consider the personal preferences and needs of your dad, the quality of the gift and the overall presentation. Lastly, remember that luxury never means a hefty price tag only, but it is the combination of the best materials, exclusive designs, skillful craftsmanship, and a top-quality product overall.

Expensive Christmas Gifts for Dad That Will Make Him Feel Special in 2023

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