The 5 Best Professional Work Bags for Men in Their 40s and 50s

When you are in your 40s or 50s, you cannot pick any other bag and use it for work. You have needs like carrying your work laptop, documents, and other gadgets around. At the same time, it is important that the bag visually complements your level of professionalism.

Going for an exotic leather bag might be the best option for you, considering how professional it looks while housing all your docs and laptop efficiently. Here, we will share our top 5 picks that you can choose from considering your personal preferences.

1. Alligator Leather Briefcase ($2,200)

Formal Alligator Leather Flapover Briefcase Laptop Business Bag-1

If you want a minimalist piece with great practicality, then this alligator leather business briefcase will be a great pick for you. It is made from genuine alligator leather and features only the natural skin patterns on the whole body without any embellishments.

On the top, you will see two holding loops with a flap that closes magnetically to keep the stuff inside safe. This bag does keep a strap on its loops to tie them together for convenient handling.

Reasons to choose

Besides its amazing aesthetics, it offers great practicality as well. The interior is carefully designed, with multiple compartments for your laptop, document files, pens, and other small items. There is a pocket in the middle protected with branded YKK zippers to safely carry the most important things.

The bag is big enough to carry 15.6″ or smaller laptops with multiple other files, and its cowhide interior lining keeps your precious laptops safe from scratches.

2. Crocodile Leather Business Bag ($1,600)

Crocodile Leather Briefcase Laptop Handbag Messenger Business Bags for Men

Men who are focused on classically getting versatility must try the crocodile leather business bag. The bag features original crocodile leather with its textured pattern finished with gloss. Apart from the leather patterns, you will find a zipper on the front that is there for aesthetics and practicality.

It leads to a quick access secure pocket where you may keep your smartphone, wallet, passport, or any other documents that you need quickly.

Reasons to choose

You will not find any quality or practicality-related drawbacks with this bag. Every zipper on the bag, including the one on the top and front, comes from the YKK brand. The zipper on top keeps your belongings secure.

Moreover, there are metal loops on the sides to attach an optional shoulder strap for conveniently carrying the bag. The well-designed interior has different pockets for small and big gadgets as well as dedicated space for files and laptops.

3. Alligator Leather Messenger Bag ($2,500)

Alligator Leather Briefcase Laptop Bag Messenger Bag with Lock-Side

Are you looking for a business bag that offers a compact structure, an attractive design, reliability, and practicality all in one? This Messenger Bag made from Genuine Alligator Leather is the right fit for your needs. It comes with a compact and slim design with one handle on the top.

The top flap comes with a lock to keep the bag closed. In terms of embellishments, there is a tassel made from leather attached to the handle, and the lock is made with an attractive design. Apart from that, it features a glossy, genuine alligator leather finish all over.

Reasons to choose

Since it is a messenger bag, it is tapered to be thin on top and wide on the bottom. So it can carry multiple items at a time. The bag is divided into 2 parts, and the front part is further divided into 2 parts, so you have 1 complete pocket for the laptop and 2 more slim pockets to keep files and documents.

4. Stingray Briefcase ($1,500)

Stingray Briefcase Shoulder Laptop Business Bag for Men

Stingray leather is unique and exotic in its looks, but at the same time, it is up to 25 times more durable than regular cowhide leather. This briefcase is completely made from genuine stingray leather, so you will not have any complaints about the looks or durability.

The bag is made in a minimalist look with no elements that may overpower the natural look of stingray leather. It comes with the original stingray color, and its bubble pattern is visible all over the bag, strap, zippers, and handles.

Reasons to choose

The Stingray briefcase is protected with a zipper on top, and the inside is completely made from Italian cowhide lining. The bag has 3 internal sections for carrying your laptop, smartphone, power bank, charger, etc and the last one for securely managing your documents.

The design also includes convenient carrying options with handles and an adjustable shoulder strap.

5. Crocodile Leather Classic Briefcase ($1,550)

Men’s Classic Genuine Crocodile Leather Business Briefcase

The last one on our list is this classic crocodile leather briefcase, and the special thing is that it is made from one whole crocodile. The body of this bag contains patterns from the mid and tail regions of the body, while its flap is made from the neck and contains patterns from that section.

The structure of this bag resembles classic briefcases with a rigid structure. It comes with one handle on top for carrying, and there are no options for attaching a strap. Moreover, the flap closes with a stylish latching lock in silver color, which perfectly matches the classic maroon color.

Reasons to choose

On the inside, there is a protected pocket for an iPad on one side and an iPhone with other small things on the other. The rest of the bag can be used for carrying up to 14″ laptops, and the whole thing is protected with cowhide lining. Moreover, there is a zipper-protected pocket on the back with no connection to the inside. It can be used for carrying files, etc.

Best Professional Work Bags for Men in Their 40s and 50s


Taking a conventional work bag with you may not be classy at all, and you must change your style with the changing trends of the world. So, if you are a working professional in your 40s and 50s, getting an exotic leather bag will be the perfect choice for you.

If you’re confused about how to pick a bag for work or what to look for, you can consider the bags we shared above. All those options bring the best blend of practicality and aesthetics.

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