What Does Your Taste in Shoes Say About You?

Human psychology and nature are unique. You know, something as simple as even the types of shoes you like tells a lot about what kind of a person you are. By here we definitely do not mean good and bad; by here we definitely mean your nature. In this article, we shall aim to explore what one’s taste in shoes tells us about them.

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Do you own a lot of pairs or only a little?

Some people like to fill up their cabinets and cupboards with different pairs of shoes, while others like to keep very few of them. What does each of the cases tell about me?

Owning a lot of pairs

If I have a lot of shoes, it probably means I’m so into fashion. Only those people own a lot of shoes that are conscious and extremely cautious about their color combinations. They want to have a matching look whenever they dress up so they do not end up looking weird in a party, restaurant, or even a casual meetup. This may hint towards an OCD, or perhaps the person doing this must really love the balance of colors.

Those who own a lot of shoes may also have a unique style going on for them. For example, they have different types of shoes for different occasions. They are going hiking? Partying? Dining? Dating? The beach? Whatever the occasion, they have something different to wear. This is because each shoe has a unique feel to it, and you want to have that feel or outlook at that point in time. In other words, you want to truly blend in within the occasion.

Owning a very few pairs

There are also some people that have very few pairs of shoes. These people mostly have simple shoes, with basic colors such as, black, white, or blue. They usually prefer a pair that matches every occasion or every outfit.

This suggests a few things about their nature. However, the bottom line is that they are people who are not as obsessed with matching the occasion, nor do they care as much about “color combinations”. In case they do care, it could hint towards the fact that either they are lazy, or have too much on their plate in life to bother with this.

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What does the preference in colors say?

The colors of your shoes may also hint a lot towards your nature. When you see someone owning a few pairs of shoes, you will usually notice that they have a color theme or pattern that they follow, and all their shoes will follow that very theme. Let us try to interpret a few such cases:

Liking Dark Themes

Some people may like shoes that are a little dark. For instance, they may have several pairs of shoes but all of them would have colors like black, purple, maroon, dark brown. What does it hint towards?

Although it could hint towards their deep-rooted, introverted nature, it is not a hard and fast rule. But a few things that we can say with confidence is that they prefer shoes that can work with any outfit (which by the way, are usually dark too), or perhaps are a people that love silence, peace, or darkness. This is because all those colors manifest a dark night, which is usually silent and peaceful.

Using Light Themes

People that prefer light themes are contrary to the ones that prefer dark. Although even in this case we cannot say for sure if they are extroverted in nature, it does hint towards that a little. However, what we infer is they like casual meetups in the mornings and afternoon, and have quite an explorative and adventurous vibe going on for them.

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What does the type of Shoe say?

The quantity and color may say a lot about one person, but the types of shoes they prefer is the defining factor for their nature. Let us make a few inferences:

Flip Flops

Those that prefer to wear flip flops are people who prefer style over comfort. They do not like to wear things that are a burden of their feet and worn on and off easily. Notice that those who really love flip flops may not even have high-heels, or at least only one for special occasions.

Canvas shoes

Then we may have some that like to wear canvas shoes. Those people are usually fond of casual wear such as T-shirts and jeans. Moreover, they may also like to play and run a little, but at the same time are extremely fond of the style.

Training shoes

If you love wearing training shoes, it may suggest that you are obsessed (in a positive way) with exercise, running, or generally keeping yourself fit. These kinds of shoes are the best for such a regiment, as they absorb a lot of shocks, are comfortable to use, and also provide you with quick progress in very little time.

Army Boots

People who like army boots must be quite adventurous in nature. You will often see them visiting the mountains and other dangerous landscapes to explore them or climb them. Army boots provide one with adequate protection and grip to do such things without any hassle.

Formal Shoes

These kinds of shoes are worn by people who like to suit up and look formal. It hints towards a lot of professionalism within them. It could be that they are currently within, or have been affiliated to the corporate sector for a long time.


Anyone wearing high-heels, especially women, is really into style. They like going to parties (especially the formal ones) and like to socialize and interact with new people.

What Does Your Taste in Shoes Say About You-Mens Shoes

Final Thoughts

It should be remembered that all of these inferences are not absolute. Of course, people may like something for another reason, or the fact that they wear them because someone (like their spouses) makes them wear them. We should not judge people entirely based on their likings, but a few guesses can be made.