Why Are Alligator and Crocodile Leather Goods So Expensive?

Alligator and crocodile leather are considered some of the most exotic leather in the world. Many accessories are made by using alligator and crocodile leather. They are not ordinary leathers and are rare to find, which is why they are more expensive compared to other types of leather.

If you buy alligator and crocodile leather accessories, you will receive them for a huge price. You also have to remember that there is a justified reason for the high prices, and they will bring you high quality and durability.

Alligator and Crocodile Leather Goods-Crocodile Leather

What are the reasons for the high prices of Alligator and crocodile leather?

There are many reasons for the high prices of alligator and crocodile leather. First, you need to understand that crocodiles and Alligator are not the same. It is a common misconception among many people. However, there are differences among them, but they are from the same species. Due to their differences, the leather goods made out of their skin are also different.

Rare leather

Alligator and crocodile leather is very rare in the world. You cannot find it easily, and most people who claim to sell alligator or crocodile leather are selling fake items. You have to know the difference between real and fake leather, so you do not fall for something unworthy. According to research, alligator and crocodile leather make up 1% of the entire leather industry. It explains the rarity of this leather and how much effort it takes to extract the leather.

It is one of the reasons that boosts the prices of alligator and crocodile leather. However, if you compare alligator and crocodile leather, you will find that alligator leather is more expensive than crocodile one. It is referred to as one of the rarest and most expensive leather in the world.

Rich history

Crocodile and alligator leather is quite rich in history. They are not discovered in the modern world. Even in the ancient world, they used to be a source of making goods for many people. Even though that time, they were expensive and were considered luxury leather. Accessories made of crocodile or alligator leather were considered expensive and luxurious. In the 3rd century, tribes used them in the religious ceremonies of Roman Egypt. The skin of Alligator and crocodile was considered a noble gift among many tribes in North America.

Alligator and Crocodile Leather Goods-Alligator Bag

More in demand

Alligator and crocodile skin are more in demand, and most people like to buy them because of the quality and texture. Noble families use it as a sign of luxury and class. Alligator and crocodile leather is very classy and luxurious. Not many people can afford it. However, some still love to invest in goods that bring quality and durability.

Requires hard work and effort

It requires a lot of hard work and effort to hunt alligators and crocodiles. There are specially trained people who get hands-on with alligators and crocodiles to get their skin for the leather. They cannot even be found everywhere, so they must travel long distances to catch alligators and crocodiles. That is also one of the reasons these leathers are sold at a high price. They require a lot of strength and effort to extract, making them more money.

The high degree of craftsmanship

Extracting the Alligator and crocodile skin is not enough alone. It also requires a lot of craftsmanship to make accessories out of leather. Making raw skin of crocodiles and Alligator in use for making accessories out of leather requires so much time and high-quality skills. Those accessories not made with expertise will be useless after a certain time.

Crocodile leather requires a lot of expertise, and not everyone can produce accessories. There are special groups of people who are experts at these things. It is also one of the reasons this leather is expensive. It takes weeks and sometimes months to make accessories out of it.

Unique and luxury leather

Alligator and crocodile leather are unique. If you find the original leather, you can use it for a long time. You must provide maintenance for the crocodile leather because it needs to be kept good. You also have to remove any stains that can be present on the leather if you want to avoid cracks in the leather. The products you purchase and are made of crocodile leather are luxury products and will bring you a lot of long activity.

Softer than normal leather

Alligator and crocodile leather is not stiff like other types of leather. It is very soft and subtle, and you can feel it against your skin like a feather. You will always feel good wearing a clothing item made up of crocodile leather. It will also feel good to carry a wallet or have a watch band made up of crocodile leather. The texture of the leather is so soft that you will prefer no other type of leather once you get used to it.

Alligator and Crocodile Leather Goods-Crocodile Shoes

Strong and durable

Crocodile and alligator leather is very strong. They are used in boots for traveling distances at tough locations. Because of its durability, you can use the Alligator and crocodile leather for a long time. It will not get damaged and comes with a warranty which adds to the price.

Water resistance

Crocodile and alligator leather gives a lot of water resistance. Using bags made up of crocodile skin will not have to worry about your accessories getting damaged. You can use your goods even in rainfalls and areas prone to water. They will not get damaged and keep your other things safe. You can also protect your accessories from moisture and carry food items in your bags. If you use shoes made up of crocodile leather, you can also use them in water.


Crocodile and alligator leather is one of the best types of leather. There are many reasons which make them more expensive than others. Some of them are discussed in detail, and you should invest in accessories that can bring you class and quality.