Best Exotic Leather Gifts for Father’s Day in 2024

Buying a gift for your dad on the account of Father’s Day every year can become confusing. It is because you will soon run out of options that will make a valuable gift. If you are also going through the same situation then you are at the right place. Here, we will share our top 5 picks for Father’s Day gifts in 2024.

Crocodile and Alligator Leather Car Key Holder Zipper Case Wallet Keychain Bag-Black

1. Crocodile Leather Car Key Holder Zipper Case ($120)

Our list starts with this premium key holder that can house all traditional keys as well as remote keys for cars. It has ample space so that it can house even the biggest wireless keys and keep them in style. The support for wireless entry and push-start further elevates the driving experience.

· Classic key holder with great attention to detail

This key holder is made with great attention to detail. From the leather to the zipper, metal parts, and stitching, you will find everything to be very premium. That is all because of expert craftsmanship. Moreover, it comes in black and brown color options.

· Embellishments that add functional and aesthetic value

There are some embellishments on this key holder made from crocodile leather. These include the zipper handle and the metal hook on the top. Additionally, there is a chain on the inside that will safely hold the keys when you open the zipper.

Crocodile Leather Car Key Holder Zipper Case Highlights:

. 100% Genuine Alligator Skin

. Size approximately 2″ L x 4″ H inches (5cm L x 10cm H)

. Lining: Full grain leather- excellent cowhide from Italy

. Exquisite Craft: This exclusive crocodile leather car key fob case with good craftsmanship, It with Zipper around Closure can protect key damage and makes your belongings secure inside and easy to access. Car key case wallet also fits for some coin or currency.

Snakeskin Cigarette Cases for Men and Women

2. Snakeskin Cigarette Case ($200)

This cigarette case is made with 100% original exotic snakeskin leather. It adds style with amazing practicality, and it can upscale your father’s style game among his group. There is a lot to it that makes it a perfect option for style-focused smokers.

· Premium experience with the looks you want

Every time your father takes this cigarette case to pull out a cigarette, he will enjoy a premium experience. It is because every unit is exclusive due to the original snakeskin leather. Moreover, there are two color options available:

  • Back
  • White

· A fashion statement to go with other matching accessories

Fashion-focused fathers often keep an array of accessories from the same material. So, if he has other accessories made from exotic leathers like snakeskin then the cigarette case will be a great addition to his fashion statement. It is because he can match the case well with other accessories.

· A slim design that fits into any pocket with ease.

This snakeskin cigarette case has been carefully designed. While it holds the whole pack of cigarettes simultaneously, it will not get bulky like the original case or those wooden ones. It comes in a sleek form factor that fits inside your coat, bag, and even the pants’ pockets. All that without bulging out.

Snakeskin Cigarette Case Highlights:

Material: Genuine Snakeskin (Python Skin)

. Capacity: 20 cigarettes

. Closure Type: Snap-shut lock ensures to keep your cigarettes safe from accidental damage

. Dimensions: 3.3″L x 0.8″D x 3.7″H inches (8.5cm L x 2cm D x 9.5cm H)

. Handmade item.

Alligator Leather Briefcases Travel Messenger Bags for Men

3. Soft Alligator Briefcase Travel Messenger Bag ($1,450)

Get this travel bag made with genuine alligator leather for your father if he is a frequent traveler. It will bring all the qualities that a traveler will need from his carry-on bag while being more stylish than everyone else’s bags.

· Style and convenience on the outside

When looking at the outside of this bag you will note the perfect combination of style and convenience. It is because the whole exterior is made from beautiful alligator leather. Meanwhile, on the back, there is a strap to attach your bag with other travel bags for convenient carrying. Additionally, there is a quick-access pocket on the back.

· Organized interior with a lot of space

The interior offers a lot of space to keep different documents, gadgets, and belongings. There is a big section to keep files and laptops while a small section helps in keeping other gadgets while enjoying an organized space.

Soft Alligator Briefcase Travel Messenger Bag Highlights:

. Material: Soft Alligator Skin

. Size approximately 14.9″ L x 3.5″ D x 11.0″ H inches (38cm L x 9cm D x 28cm H)

. Color: Black, Brown

. Lining: Full grain leather- excellent cowhide from Italy

. Interior: Interior Compartment, Interior Slot Pocket, Cell Phone Pocket…Give You Lots of Storage Options.

. Luggage Strap Design: A luggage strap at the back of the Alligator Briefcase Travel Messenger Bag can easily fit into a luggage trolley, bringing you comfort for business trips and travel.

Crocodile Watch Box, Alligator Watch Roll Case

4. Alligator Watch Roll Case ($1,200)

The alligator watch roll case can house up to 3 watches with great safety. Its roll-shape design allows for easier storage that is highly valuable for travelers. While it safely keeps watches worth thousands and millions, the case itself is highly premium.

· Intuitive design saves space and makes carrying easier

The design of this case is perfect for saving a lot of space. The boxed shape is not convenient for carrying along and the roll-shape solves that problem. Additionally, the space for 3 watches means that your dad can have more than one watch but he does not need to carry his whole collection.

· Suede interior with detachable parts ensures watch safety

The case has detachable pads which ensure that the watch stays in its place until needed. Meanwhile, the whole inner section is made from suede material that protects the watches from scratches. However, its exterior is completely made from 100% original alligator leather.

Alligator Watch Roll Case Highlights:

. Material: Alligator Skin

. Size approximately 7.8″ L x 2.5″ D x 3.5″ H inches (20cm L x 6.5cm D x 9cm H)

. Color: Black

. Holds 3 Watches: Our alligator watch roll case could hold 3 watches, great partner for your home and travel, journey, weekend trip, and business trip use, It is more suitable for large adult watches. Also could decorate your places such as bedroom well.

Mens Ostrich Leather Derby Shoes-1

5. Ostrich Derby Shoes for Men ($600)

Gift your dad an addition to his shoe collection. These are not any random shoes as these are made with unique and exotic leather. Hence, it will be a premium addition to your dad’s collection.

· Genuine ostrich leather shoes make a premium accessory

These shoes are made with original ostrich skin leather with 3D pimple-like structures. Each pair is unique as the design never replicates naturally and it cannot be replicated with faux leather either. Hence, it will be one of the best accessories for your dad.

· Great attention to detail in design and functionality

These shoes display amazing attention to detail in their craftsmanship from the selection of area of leather with intensity of patterns to the stitching and finishing. Additionally, these shoes use wear-resistant soles with cowhide inner lining which keeps them durable and comfortable to wear.

Ostrich Derby Shoes Highlights:

. Upper Material: 100% Genuine Ostrich Skin

. Lining Material: Excellent cowhide from Italy

. Outsole: Premium Wear-resistant Rubber

. Color: Black, Tan

. Shoe Width: Regular

. Fit: Fits true to size, take your normal size

. Handcrafted: Hand Stitched sole and 100% Handmade Shoes

. Goodyear Welted Construction: Over 200 step process, makes the shoe highly durable, water resistant and supportive. This is the highest grade of construction in shoemaking industry-wide.

Best Exotic Leather Gifts for Father's Day in 2024

Final Words

The best way of getting a gift for your father on the account of Father’s Day is going for practicality. When you add the exclusiveness of premium exotic leather with the functionality your gift becomes even more special. That is exactly the thought process behind shortlisting our top 5 picks and we hope that this article has been helpful for you to decide as well.