Leather Bags vs Canvas Bags: How to Choose the Perfect Bag for You?

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When it comes to choosing between leather and canvas bags, many people are usually confused. In other words, they don’t actually know how to make the right decision about which one to purchase. It is very important to note that such decision will depend on different scenarios/factors.

The major aim of this post is to reveal everything you need to know about leather bags and canvas bags. It will be explaining the pros and cons of both bags. Finally, the details below are also going to highlight factors that can help you make the right decision.

Leather Bags

Leather bags

The popularity of leather bags doesn’t seem to know any bounds at the moment. This is due to the timeless benefits/values that they have been discovered to offer users. Below are some of their pros and cons.


They are durable

This is one of the major advantages of leather bags. As they are getting older, that is how they will become softer. In this case, there is absolutely no need to worry since it is only an indication of your bag being of very high quality. In a nutshell, leather bags can last for years before being replaced. They have high resale value. This is because despite being old, they are sturdy and can withstand harsh conditions.

Their elegance

This is another aspect that leather bags have proven to be very reliable. They can make you stand out in public. Apart from official use, they are also perfect for various occasions and events.

Their water-proof nature

With a leather bag, you don’t have to worry too much about water damaging your items. This is because they are not easily affected by water and can offer such items maximum protection. Find out more about this below.


Some of them are:

High level of maintenance

For your leather bag to remain elegant, it has to be maintained on a regular basis. This is because it can easily absorb oil and stains at faster rate as compared to canvas bags. When you fail to clean such stains, its fabric can be damaged.

It can be damaged by water

In a situation whereby you got drenched in the rain with a leather bag, it has to be dried quickly. Delay to do such can cause further damage to the bag.

It needs to be handled with care

While using a leather bag, you need to be extra careful. This is because once it is scratched, it can’t be fixed. Leather bags are only great for people who are very careful.

Canvas Bags

Canvas bags

Canvas bags have been existing for years. However, they have become much better with the advent of modern technology. Just like leather bags explained above, they are available in different shapes, sizes, colors and even features.


Some of the advantages of canvas bags are:

They are very light

As compared to leather bags, canvas bags are lighter and can be easily carried from one location to another. If you are a traveler, this is the best option to explore.

They are durable

The fabric used in producing canvas bags is very durable. They can last for a very long time before you will be thinking about getting a replacement. Please note that when it comes to durability, leather bags can last much longer.

They require little maintenance

If you don’t like the idea of maintaining leather bags on a regular basis to keep them in good shape, canvas bags will prove to be a great option. This is because they don’t require too much maintenance. As a matter of fact, you can put it in a washing machine.


There is only one major disadvantage that canvas bags have. This will be explained below.

Their looks

The truth about canvas bags is that they have casual look. This makes them not to be perfect for official use. They are only perfect for younger travelers unlike leather bags which can be used by different age groups. Before purchasing a canvas bag, ensure that you don’t plan to use it to carry out official assignments.

Factors to consider when trying to choose between leather and canvas bags

Factors to consider when trying to choose between leather and canvas bags

Having seen the advantages and disadvantages of both bags, there is every reason to believe that you are still confused about which one to purchase. This section will be revealing some of the factors you have to take into consideration while trying to make a decision.

Consider what the bag will be used for

This is very important and shouldn’t be ignored in any way. Don’t ever purchase a leather or canvas bag without knowing the purpose it is going to serve. This is because you could end up not getting good value for money. Both bags tend to differ when it comes to their usage. For instance, leather bags are good for both formal and informal use. On the other hand, canvas bags are only great for informal use.

Consider maintenance required

Most people don’t like bags that require too much maintenance in order to remain in perfect shape. In case you are one of such persons, it is recommended to choose a canvas bag. This is because it is much easier to maintain as compared to a leather bag. It is even better when you have a washing machine.

Consider your budget

It is good for a bag to have all the needed features. However, such will be of no use when your budget is small. You need to take the size of your budget into consideration while choosing a bag. Leather bags are quite more expensive than canvas bags. This is because they are more durable.  On the other hand, go for a canvas bag once your budget is limited.

Final words

Having seen the above, it is quite obvious that leather and canvas bags are very different in lots of regards. In other words, both have their advantages and disadvantages. Due to this, you need to carefully take some variables into consideration before deciding on which one can be ideal to choose.