How To Tell If A Fur Coat is Mink

When it comes to high-end fashion, fur coats have always been linked to charm and prestige. Mink especially, has always reflected refinement as well as grace! The problem is that knowing whether a fur coat has been made with mink is not an easy task. This happens when you can’t read in between the lines like an expert.

For instance, whenever you are looking to purchase a fur coat that is mink, there are some crucial factors or variables that should be taken into consideration – colors, patterns, texture, and more. Don’t you worry though because we are about to explain all of these.

After checking out the details of this article below, you will easily tell whether or not a fur coat has been made with mink. It is simple but you need the right knowledge.

Mink Fur

Fur Is Always Soft and Shiny 

Have you ever imagined what it’s like touching something magical? This is exactly what mink fur is all about. It’s not just soft but also gleaming. Touching it for the first time, you’ll notice it is smooth and silk. If you notice anything hard, it’s definitely not mink fur!

It is true there are lots of expensive hair types in the market today. However, mink fur remains the softest and elegant amongst them. Have you ever hugged a teddy bear before? A mink fur is as gentle and soft as that. It just gives you that special feeling.

If you happen to find fur coat that is soft as well as shiny, there is a very high chance that it has been made with mink. Always remember to double-check to ensure you’re getting the real deal.

What About The Colors? Are They Beautiful and Natural? 

It is high time we discussed mink fur colors available in the market today. This is one area you have to lookout for while trying to spend your hard-earned money. For instance, a typical mink fur is available in various colors – white, black, and brown. Some are a combination of these colors.

It is not enough to check out the colors. Also, try to find out whether they’re natural and beautiful. If you see a BRUCEGAO fur coat that has been made with mink, one thing always stands out – it usually looks unique and elegant.

The colors are usually similar to shades of the forest. For instance, the white is as pure as the snow. The black is rich like the “night”. You will always get that special feeling of wearing something that has been extracted from Mother Nature.

Womens Mink Coat

And The Hairs? Are They Short, Fine and Cozy

If you truly want to get a fur coat that has been made with mink, there is one area or aspect that mustn’t be ignored – the hairs. A typical mink fur is characterized by short and fine hairs. These are always close together thus, contributing to its exceptional beauty. It’s like a forest where trees are close to one another.

Due to these little hairs, furs usually have that dense look. It’s like a cozy blanket or plush toy. Whenever you run your fingers through it, the difference will be like day and night. It’s the same as your hand being placed on a soft carpet. The comfort is indescribable.

The bottom line is that your fur coat has been made with mink if the hair is short, fine, and cozy. This makes you feel that warmth as well as softness! Never ignore the hairs of any fur coat you plan to purchase – they can reveal a lot!

What Has Been Written On The Label?

Trying to look for a fur coat that has been made with mink without considering this aspect is similar to shooting yourself in the legs without knowing. Too many people are guilty of this. Always lookout for the tag of any fur coat you plan to purchase.

These coats usually come with a message which can explain a lot about the fur that has been used. Just try to locate the label and be sure it is written as “mink”. If the brand doesn’t spill the secret, check out other stores.

Sticking with BRUCEGAO fur coats will do you a lot of good. This is because they always have labels which explains what they have been made with. There is no need taking shots in the dark.

Asking Someone Around You

It is possible not to be sure of what a fur coat made with mink actually looks like. At this point, it is recommended to find someone who knows about such things. You could be lucky to stumble upon a fur expert. Such individual will help you point out the right features that a fur coat made with mink is expected to possess.

This is one of the ways to master something very fast. There are people who can help you reveal mysteries about fur coats. Just because you can’t spot any red flag doesn’t mean others will not.

For a start, you can visit forums on the internet where people are talking about fur coats. You will get helpful answers by asking the right questions.

Mens Mink Coat

Is The Glossy Sheen Shiny Bright?

There is something special and unique about mink fur – it has got a glossy sheen that is very natural. Have you ever seen the sunlight reflecting on water surface before? You’ll notice how shiny and pretty it looks. This is very much the same with mink fur.

It doesn’t just catch the light but also glows. This makes it stand out from other fur coats in the market. as you are moving from one place to another, it shines. It is like putting on something magical that makes you enjoy that special feeling in public. Never purchase a fur coat that has been made with mink which lacks that glossy shine. There is every chance that it is not the real deal.

Final Words on How to Tell If a Fur Coat is Mink

There are many ways to tell whether a fur coat is mink. It could be checking whether its fur is soft, shiny, beautiful, natural, short, fine and asking someone around. However, caution needs to be exercised since you can purchase the wrong fur coat. The best thing is always to purchase one that has been made by BRUCEGAO. They have proven to meet all the requirements explained above in this post. a typical Brucegao fur coat that has been made with mink will provide maximum value for the money spent.

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